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EasyCare is one of the top leading camera service centers in Dubai. We are a Sigma-approved service center that also repairs cameras, lenses, and photography accessories from other brands. We provide the best-in-class tablet repair service in Dubai. We have qualified professionals to fix your repair. We provide the best-in-class camera repair service in Dubai. We have qualified professionals to fix your devices.Best camera repairing shop near me in Dubai. Shutter assembly, buttons, touchscreen LCD display, lens, image sensor, image processor, and other vital components make up a digital camera. These components, to be more specific, are required to complete the camera's working mechanism. Don't worry if you're having problems with your camera; the specialists at EasyCare are here to assist.

Our professionals have a track record of 100% accuracy in resolving hundreds of DSLR camera issues. As a result, we can assist you in determining the best methods for diagnosing and resolving DSLR camera difficulties. We have the best dslr camera service centre in dubai. Our solutions are always cost-effective and efficient. We also provide onsite help, allowing you to take advantage of our sophisticated services right at your doorway.



We fix all kinds of camera repair services. The Specialist Technique General Trading team has been managing cameras for over 5 years and has been trained by Hasselblad, We fix Sony camera service center dubai, Nikon service center dubai, Canon camera service center dubai, and Fujifilm, GoPro. Our team as certified technicians will take care of your tablet and fix it.


What are the benefits of shooting with a digital camera?

We are a top Digital camera service centre. Different firing modes are available on digital cameras to increase their versatility. You will see the exact picture your camera is going to take on the new touchscreen Live view monitor. In most digital cameras, you can capture high-resolution video clips with clear audio. To make your images warmer or colder by color temperature, use custom white balance modes.To fix DSLR camera-related issues, contact the experts at EasyCare via the helpline number. which you can call at any time. Alternatively, you should send us an email with your questions. During busy working hours, you can also use the live chat feature to communicate with our experts in real-time. Our engineering experts will provide you with affordable DSLR camera



  • Sensor
  • Flash
  • MainBoard
  • Lens
  • Fungus Cleaning
  • Zoom
  • Battery
  • Memory Card
  • Other Repairs



  • Canon
  • GoPro
  • Nikon
  • Leica
  • Olympus
  • Panasonic
  • Sigma
  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • Other Brands


The software takes too long to record and store files. You are unable to upgrade the firmware on your camera to the most recent version. The lens is infected with fungi and has dust-related issues, lowering the image quality. It's possible that the touchscreen panel will become unresponsive, making it difficult to monitor the camera. The unit is experiencing problems with battery life and high battery leakage. The camera is unable to recognize or format the device's SD memory card. Water damage to digital cameras is very sensitive; any form of water damage to the system has a high risk of permanently destroying the sensor. Water damage to digital cameras is very sensitive; any form of water damage to the system has a high risk of permanently destroying the sensor.



The Canon camera is one of the most demanded devices in the world. We provide the best-class camera repair service in Dubai. We believe in achieving success through customer satisfaction. We take care of all models of the canon camera. we fix • Comprehensive camera maintenance plan for every Canon camera Washing of sensors changes in lens mounts.Services for Lenses Dismantling Repairs and maintenance vacuuming we take care of all models that including the Canon Eos rebel sl3/eos 250d, Canon eos 90d, canon eos 6d mark 11, canon eos 5d mark IV, canon eos-1d x mark III, canon eos m50, canon eos RP, canon eos r6.



Nikon is the world's second-largest camera, camera lens, and binoculars maker. The quest for uncompromising results in the world of photography comes to an end with Nikon's cameras. These cameras were created to catch the most breathtaking photographs as well as images shot using a quiet interval timer. It continues to keep up with the demands of new photographers thanks to its powerful megapixels and improved superior agility. Many consumers are having problems with it, despite its exceptional picture quality. If you're one of them, contact us for a Nikon camera repair in Dubai at a reasonable price.


Why is it necessary to repair?

The majority of digital cameras bought in the last few years can be restored at a reasonable price. Why not have a repair estimate before you throw out your damaged camera? You have nothing to lose. You've grown used to your camera's capabilities and functions and don't want to learn a new one. You've spent a lot of money on lenses and other gadgets that could not work on a new camera. When you patch your old camera, it has a negative effect on the world.


How to Take Care of Your Camera

If you take good care of your camera and obey the guidelines below, it will last a long time. The following are the most critical facets of camera treatment.

Invest in a camera bag.

As a result, a good number of people actually bring their cameras in... whatever. They cram them into their backpacks, handbags, bags, and even their fanny packs! Some may also carry them in their hands like a mobile phone. This kind of treatment isn't good for a camera's look. A camera can be easily scratched, and residue can accumulate all over the delicate pieces. You'll need a camera bag.

When your camera is not in operation, don't forget to remove the batteries.

Camera batteries can spill acid, which can be corrosive if held in a wet environment with the batteries inside. As a result, when the camera is not in operation, it is important to remove the batteries; make this a routine! Until you do something, remember to turn off your camera. Your camera should be switched off before switching lenses, transferring memory cards, or disconnecting or reconnecting cables. When not in use, but the body and lens caps on. A lens cap and a body cap are important for keeping a DSLR camera and lenses in good working order.



We have brilliant teamwork that will give you satisfaction for your needs. And we provide the lowest cost in Dubai and we provide warranty to our customers. For us, the customer comes first. Our price is reasonable for our clients. We have extensive research and knowledge in the domain to make us a unique service provider in Dubai. We make sure our clients are 100% satisfied with our work. We have a certified team that provides you the best service for your problem. We care about our clients at the topmost. With the vast reach, we have served many clients from even far places in Dubai. If you are looking for a  Smartwatch repair service in Dubai this is the best team for you. Who can meet all your expectations?. We believe in customer satisfaction and quality work. We are trusted by 25 + clients in Dubai for smartwatch repair. We offer fast professional service to our clients.


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