ESD Applied Services

EasyCare work stations ensure there are no issues due to Electrostatic discharges. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact, the ESD occurs when differently-charged objects are brought close together, for example, it may arise from a human body while it's moving, These can suffer permanent damage to Electronics circuits while repairing. We established electrostatic protective areas for repairing and this includes proper neutralizing of repair stations and ESD dress code for the technicians. We are backed by the necessary tools and facilities to assure this

Using High Quality Spares

There is a premium quality assurance at EasyCare. From the tools to spare parts, we do not compromise on the quality.

Ensuring Data Security

Be it your photos, contacts or any of your important data, we assure it to be safe in our hands. We value your privacy with the utmost care. We guarantee you that no data gets misused.

Cloud & password removal

Are you facing issues related to cloud and password for your device? We can help you! Just bring in your id proof!

Memory size expansion

"Your storage space is running out of space" Does this message disturb you? Our expert team can help to expand phone memory. More space! More fun!

Dead phone restoration & Chip level service

We at EasyCare recovers dead phones and do the servicing for almost all premium brands.

Battery changing and servicing

Outdated batteries are always a threat. It may cause serious damages to your gadgets. We undertake battery replacements and services related to that.

Touch & Display repairing

EasyCare technical experts are well experienced in touch and display repairing. No more heartbreaks on broken displays!!

Well trained service Engineer

Any issues related to your electronic gadgets? Best solution is EasyCare! Our excellent team assists you to rectify all your issues related to gadgets.

Easy Care On Wheels

Easy Care On Wheels was introduced to cater to the busy person in you. Don’t have time to take your gadget to a service center? We have got you covered. With on-the-spot service done by qualified technicians, rest assured that your gadgets are in good hands. Along with quality repair and service, Easy Care uses high-quality spare parts. All kinds of service from the display, battery, and charging connector repairs are done. After the service is completed, an Easy Care service warranty is given. You can also select from a wide range of accessories.