Take care of your tablet; The Do’s and Don’ts

What is more than a smartphone but less than a laptop? A tablet for sure! You can use it to catch up on work, binge-watch movies and television shows, hold meetings, and whatnot. The point is not to over-burden it with your daily chores. Not everyone is committed to keeping their tablet in good working order. Companies that provide tablet repair near you frequently deal with consumers who have broken their tablets due to careless handling and poor upkeep. Here are some dos and don'ts when it comes to tablet care:

What to do

1. Reduce battery drain

You might also leave your tablet's power saver mode on so that the settings update automatically when the battery runs low. Set your Screen Timeout to 30 seconds to decrease battery consumption. Aside from that, you should avoid circumstances where your gadget might overheat. Even if you're not using it, the battery drains faster when it's heated. This type of drain has the potential to destroy the tablet's battery. When gadgets are plugged in for lengthy periods of time, they might heat up, so avoid charging it all night or for too long at a time.

2. Extended Warranty Plan

It is advisable to invest a little more money on an Extended Warranty Plan when purchasing the tablet. A typical manufacturer's warranty covers all faults and malfunctions; an extended warranty plan does not. This also covers software problems. When the standard warranty expires, the extended warranty term begins. This way, your tablet will be insured for an additional year. The plan's advantage is that it extends the life of your gadget by an additional year at a very low cost.

3. Take care of the touch

Touchscreens are vulnerable to dust and debris, so clean it before inspecting the issue. Furthermore, defective software upgrades might occasionally cause touchscreen-related difficulties. Check to see if your tablet has any updates available. Go to Settings > About Tablet or About Device > System Updates or Software Update to update the tablet. If it remains unresponsive, you might employ a doorstep tablet repair service to get it repaired.

What not to do

1. Exposing it outdoors

Exposing tablets to factors like heat, cold, water, and outdoor locations can cause irreversible harm. People destroy tablets by leaving them in cars overnight, placing them on rough surfaces, and placing them in locations that are unusually chilly or hot. Experts from several tablet screen repair shops near you have detailed how these factors might cause damage to the screen, various jacks, and the tablet's software. As a result, it is critical that tablet owners avoid making such a mistake.

2. Avoiding Malware Issues

Malware may infect any technological device. Many professionals from tablet repair companies have confirmed that even tablets are vulnerable to malware issues such as viruses, ransomware, and spyware. People frequently believe that these issues only impact mobile phones and laptop computers, however this is not the case. Malware may also infect tablets, and personal information can be taken from them. As a result, in the event of malware, consumers should get their tablets tested in professional service centres such as Easycare and other repair centres around them.

3. Too much of applications

Overcrowding your tablet with applications will weaken its efficiency over time, causing it to become sluggish. To free up space on the tablet, clear it of cache files and cookies from websites. Simply searching for skilled experts in any ‘tablet repairing shop near me’ will reveal that over-packing the table will result in power drains and other battery troubles in the long run. 


Make sure to listen to tablet repair service specialists and avoid the above-mentioned practices, which might potentially destroy your tablet beyond repair. Also, don't forget to take vital precautions to keep your tablet secure. Simply search for a 'gadget service centre near me' or 'electronics service centre near me' and bring your broken equipment to them for expert repair.