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These Tips Will Help You Make Your Smartphone More Battery Efficient

There are several factors that affect the potential of your smartphone battery. When technology is going behind perfections from out of the world processors to out of the box designs, still they couldn’t keep up with the consumer's impulse for more battery-efficient smartphones. Brighter screens, faster processors and ultra-fast internet can all eat up your phone’s battery. Fortunately, one can optimize their phone's battery on their own thereby resulting in improved battery life. Most of these tips are easy to execute as long as you have the urge to do so. 

  • Understand the Usage and Drain
Before you go right away to fix your battery issues, identify how your battery is drained. Some phones eat up the battery even when the phone is in idle position. You can identify it by going to the battery section in the settings. You will also be warned if any apps are eating up your battery more than you desired. Be concerned about the changes you can make for a battery efficient smartphone without affecting its usage potential.
  • Better use Wi-Fi than Mobile data
We are in a phase of life where we can’t live without the internet. But do you know how much battery will be consumed if you are using mobile data compared to Wi-Fi? Mobile data eats up 30%-40% more battery than Wi-Fi. So, try switching to Wi-Fi whenever possible because considering a whole day of internet usage, it can save you a serious amount of power.
  • Turn-off the Unnecessary
Features like NFC, Bluetooth, and Location services are all very helpful but it drains your battery pretty quickly. The reality is, you won’t always need it but it will be always kept on just for the sake of your easiness. Do turn it off until you need them if you really want to preserve some juice. Bluetooth also plays a vital role in preserving. Most of the people nowadays use Bluetooth headsets and earphones for the ease of use. But we recommend you to turn it off while you are not making use of it. Use less, save more.
  • Lower the Brightness & Vibration
Phone display brightness is a real dealbreaker; crisp resolution & bountiful pixels are real battery hogs. High brightness also has the potential to heat up your phone & damages your eyes as well. You should also consider disabling the auto-brightness feature as it requires the functionality of the ambient light sensor, always. The vibrating motor also requires a good amount of energy to shake the booty of your phone. Try turning it off if you have no benefit switching is always on.
  • Discourage the Photographer in You
If you are someone who likes taking pictures & videos all day every day, then you don’t want to think twice where your power is getting lapsed. Using flash for the same is like the fuel for the flame. The camera is an app that demands a lot of energy. You should also be aware of those smart chatting apps and social media platforms as they have the potential to eat up your battery fast. 
  • Take Control Over Your Apps 
Some apps keep you bothered several times a day; some may be useful and some of them may be purely useless. If you don’t care what those apps have to say, then you could probably save some energy if you disable the automatic push notification feature. It’s not only the case with push notifications but also with auto-downloads & background activities. Enabling auto-download will let the apps make downloads without your consent. Almost all of the apps on your phone like to sneak around in the background eating up your energy.
  • Uninstall the Unnecessary
Every smartphone comes with a lot of pre-installed apps that you might not even make use of; which you might not even open; which you might not even heard the names of. Even if you want to use some, or download some other apps, you can use it efficiently because every developer put a lot of work into their apps just to run it more efficiently. Update all of your favorite apps as often as possible just to make sure that it is running on its latest version that too more power-efficient. 
  • Enable Dark Mode
​​​​​​​One of the healthy updates for smartphones in 2019 is nothing other than Dark Mode. With the launch of Android 10, now dark mode comes in-built. It not only is easier on the eyes in terms of preventing the eye strain but also saves some battery. Using dark mode avoids the blue light from entering your eyes which will gradually affect your vision. Some people also found the dark mode to be visually pleasing. The dark mode is still to be supported by every third-party app, but it works with almost all of the apps for your basic needs. 
  • Google Assistant can be a Villain too
​​​​​​​Google Assistant and voice search are a big thing in recent years. Just like in the case of Bluetooth and location services, your google assistant is also not that economical while coming to power consumption. Your assistant should be always ready to help you & it constantly will be listening to you. Keeping it always-on will cost you a good amount of battery. Just FYI; keep that in mind.
  • Enable Power-Saving Mode
​​​​​​​Every phone manufacturer will provide their smartphones with dedicated power-saving features that enable battery-saving mode. It will help you manage your phone’s various power-sapping features for you. It will dim your screen, reduce the screen-timeout, disable animations, turn-off vibration and it will prevent all apps from running in background & updating it automatically. You can also set it to kick in automatically at a specific stage like 20%, 30%, etc.
  • Usage of Power Banks
​​​​​​​The majority of us rely on power banks for charging our devices on the go. But is anyone aware that using power banks will damage the smartphone’s battery gradually? Using your smartphone while charging through the power bank will make the situation worse.